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Meet The Team


Nichole Solomon


I have been dancing for 24 years. I began dancing at the age of 2, starting in a local studio. I ended up finishing my high school dance years at Dance, Dance, Dance in Oakland, NJ. I competed in their company for several years, winning several awards at competitions with my team. After high school, I went to Ramapo College and received my Bachelor’s degree. Shortly after I graduated, I began teaching at local studios choreographing several pieces that made it to Nationals and began training students. 
Since I was a child, my dream was to open a dance studio and spread my love for dance on to other kids. I pour my heart and soul into these kids, and I believe everyone deserves a chance to feel special and confident; that is my ultimate goal for these children. Dance is home to me. 




I grew up in Cape May, NJ and began dancing when I was three years old. I immediately found a love for everything I was learning, began competing when I was five, and was on a national winning team until graduating high school. I currently attend Montclair State University and am pursuing a bachelor's degree in Dance as well as a P-12 Teaching Certificate in Dance. I have worked in multiple studios -- teaching and choreographing. I love everything about sharing this passion with others!



I started dancing when I was 3 years old, did competitions growing up and graduated from the Boston Conservatory with a BFA, where I learned that I not only love dancing but I also love to teach! I love watching students grow as dancers and as people! 

Black Background

From Left to Right: Miss Michelle, Miss Sam, Miss Delaney, Miss Gianna, Miss Nichole, Miss Madison, Miss Gianna W, Miss Jordyn, Miss Rory

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